Image by Rahul Patil

Nanda Devi Base Camp

13 Nights / 14 Days

Second-highest peak in the country and the 23rd highest peak in the world. The Nanda Devi Base Camp Trek will also take you on a ride in the midst of the resplendent biosphere of The Himalayas.

Image by Sanjay Hona

Himalayan Wildlife Tour

06 Nights / 07 Days

The enigmatic natural wealth of the Himalayas has always been an attractive destination for wildlife lovers. To take you under the dense canopy of the great Himalayan natural parks and wildlife sanctuaries.

Image by Chaitanya Maheshwari

Zanskar & Indus River Trek

13 Nights / 14 Days

Crossing Zanskar from north to south. You dive into a mineral and lunar universe, filled with rocky mountains and roaring rivers. The second part of the route takes you to the Tibetan highlands and mountain pastures before returning to the Indus Valley at the end of the trip.